Business Sales, Valuations and Appraisals

Formal Written Reports Supported by 
Expert Analysis
and Current Market Data. 

Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

Negotia Group provides the following structured stages in the process of a business sale:

  • Comprehensive Valuation Reports: We provide formal written reports that estimate your business's likely selling price range while evaluating its prospects for sale.

  • Memoranda of Information (MOI) Preparation: Tailored to meet the due diligence requirements of potential buyers, our MOIs are designed to inform and attract business buyers effectively.

  • Strategic Marketing Programs: We create customized marketing strategies for businesses listed for sale and ensure regular communication and reporting on sales progress to our clients.

  • Buyer Assessment: We assess prospective buyers, considering their interests, financial capabilities, and business acumen, and providing recommendations regarding their inquiries.

  • Confidentiality Agreements: We prioritise the protection of our client's interests, businesses, and personal information by facilitating the completion of confidentiality agreements.

  • Coordinated Inspections: We collaborate with potential buyers to streamline inspections and due diligence procedures, incorporating third-party participation as needed.

  • Negotiation Facilitation: We actively participate in discussions and negotiations between our clients and potential buyers to establish pragmatic terms for the business transfer and value actualization.

  • Contract Management: We ensure that Contracts of Sale are meticulously worded to reflect agreed-upon arrangements, providing clarity for solicitors and stakeholders.

  • Settlement Administration: From contract initiation to settlement, we guide and manage the process to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.

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Business Valuations and Appraisals

A business valuation is an opinion people rely upon to make decisions. Appraisals are not. They are estimates only and cannot be relied upon to make decisions.

There is no licensing regime in Australia as to who can do business valuations. Hence there are many cheap, online or quick response offerings available.

Reliable and creditable valuations, fit for the purpose they are needed, will take many hours to do.

The scope of the work in a valuation determines the cost. The scope of the work that complies with the standards for legal, government and professional advice is mandated by legal, government and professional bodies like the Family Law Court, the ATO, International Valuations Standards and the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards.

Complete valuations will deal with three areas.

  • The physical nature and environment of the business,
  • The business sales market; and
  • The business financial information.

Valuations that do not address these three areas, cost less and are limited in their accuracy, reliability and credibility. That means people who rely on these valuations accept the risk for the valuation opinion may be incorrect.

We do appraisals for business sales on the clear understanding that they are only estimates.

We do business valuations that comply with the governing standard and fir for the purpose for which they are intended. We do them for:

  • Business Sellers and Buyers.
  • Business planning and development.
  • Stamp duty. 
  • Taxation matters.
  • Partner Separation. 
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Compulsory acquisition by Government Authorities.

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