Divest Merge Acquire – Negotia

Helping Owners of Businesses Worth $3 Million and Above Exit, Merge With, or Take Over Other Businesses.

Divest Merge Acquire -Negotia is focused on long-term thinking; we become your project management team and dedicate ourselves to your business goal.

From the very start when you are “thinking” about it to the very end when you settle and walk away, we can shoulder that work, protecting you and your business.

We are qualified, level-headed, and experienced advisors and intermediaries in the merger and acquisitions field. We are not tax agents nor solicitors. 

Our goal is to make your goal work for you – sometimes that partnership will be maintained for years.

DMA – Negotia is uniquely qualified in this field, and we have the confidence to tell it like it is.

You can trust us to answer the curly questions honestly and without bias.

We filter out the noise and the irrelevant – holding all other professionals accountable for their roles.

We also speak fluent Accountant.

Putting it simply – we will help you make it happen.

Considering Divestment

Selling your business is a major life event in a seriously complex field where errors and omissions cost millions. Transactions at this level are incredibly complex and time-consuming.

The Divest Merge Acquire – Negotia team is well-equipped to make the process as smooth and productive as possible by planning, advising, anticipating, and overcoming obstacles that may arise.

We care and are doggedly determined; we will stand in the trenches with you from Day 1 – building our strategies for your needs.

Our client-focused systems cannot be replicated, and they have proven their value time after time. Clients Continue to hire, continue to refer, and recommend us.

The way we think and behave is unique; the experiences we have are unrivalled, and these are our values.

We know you’re concerned about confidentiality and privacy. We will ensure your privacy; your IP and your business are protected.

We know that you want to reward loyal staff and diminish their fears – but still move toward your goals. Our promise is that employees will be important considerations and whatever is thrown at us, we’ve seen it and dealt with it before.

You need to stay focused – you don’t want to talk to the people with no money, or predators, dreamers, and the timewasters.

Our systems and processes are designed to protect you, your business, and your IP.

We are not high-rise dwellers, but street-smart professionals who know the pitfalls. The people you engage are the people who personally give you the time you need, and we maintain close personal contact, especially during those stressful periods.

Your business is not an inanimate object – we want you to walk away from your business knowing it is in the right hands, and you left nothing on the table.

Are you Ready?

We are ready to go.

Picking up the phone and talking to us may take just a few minutes, but it will be a life-changing event.

Here’s the number – 1300 551 757

After all – It is not the work that adds value – but the people of DMA–Negotia.

Nobody else will have your back like we will.