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Selling Your Business With Negotia Group 

You are a successful businessperson. You know the key drivers to sales success are accurate pricing, good presentation and the effective promotion of your products and services.

You have invested in; and developed; practical knowledge and skills in selling the products and services of your business over many years. It is your ‘IP’.

Your business will be a ‘business-for-sale product in the business sales and opportunities marketplace. It is a market. There will be competition. Sales activity levels and prices rise and fall over time as in all markets. 

Like you, we have invested in and developed our knowledge and skills. Like you, practical ‘Street Wisdom’ acquired from working in the marketplace for many years is critical to getting successful outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively. Our ‘IP’ will get your business sold for you efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are experienced, ethical and trusted business brokers with years of practical knowledge and skills in valuing and selling businesses. Previous clients who have sold through us tell us they value our directness and honesty.

We sell businesses throughout Queensland, call us for a private consultation about valuing and selling your business. You will find you will get practical advice that works. We will take the time to totally understand both your personal and business positions to find the best solutions.

“If you need a Business Broker who genuinely cares and keeps constant, honest contact, Kevin Lovewell is the one you want to speak to...”


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