Meet the Director
Kevin Lovewell

Kevin Lovewell is an accountant specialising in Business Valuation holding appropriate licenses to operate as a principal RE Agent.

Qualifications: Kevin Lovewell is an entrepreneur and business builder – originally qualified as an accountant, he holds a Bachelor of Business (Accy) and has earned a Masters (MBA) in Strategic Management through QUT in Brisbane and a specialisation in Business Valuation.

Kevin is a member of The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) and The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). He has served the AIBB in various roles through to 2022 and received of the National Chairman’s Award in 2019, 2020 and 2022 for his services to the profession.

Kevin exited public practice and retired as a tax agent in 2014 when he started Negotia Group Pty Ltd with a Co-Director.

He works as a business intermediary acting as various seller or buyer agents and as principal agent in complex M&A projects; he is an active business valuer in the Small to Medium (SME) Market regularly undertaking work in appraising SME businesses for their market value.

Kevin Lovewell
Business broker, valuer, analyst and consultant - adding value to businesses. 

Meet Our Broker
Graham Long

Graham Long is a knowledgeable and respected business broker with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Graham has created and developed proprietary knowledge in the business sales process, pricing, preparing, presenting and marketing businesses for sale and negotiating practicals arrangements to facilitate the transfer of businesses to new owners.

His practical knowledge and skills acquired over the years are sought by fellow industry participants.

He is the past National Chairman of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB). He maintains close connections with the AIBB, particularly in relation to the training and development of the business brokers.

He attended the first Registered Business Valuers course offered by the AIBB in 2009 and has been active in developing the course over subsequent years.

His experience enables him to provide business valuations which investigate all four critical aspects of a business which should be addressed in such work.

He is a Registered Business Valuer with the AIBB. His experience enables him to and undertake demanding Business Valuations

He works as a business broker and valuer.

Graham Long
Business Intermediary, Adviser, Analyst, Broker and Valuer.
Licenced Real Estate Agent, Member of the AIBB

Meet Our Business Analyst
Jessica Holbrook

Jessica is a highly trained and enthusiastic Business Analyst with the future goal of becoming a Business Broker, here at Negotia Group.

After a rewarding career in the Public Sector for many years, Jessica joined Negotia Group in 2020. With a diverse portfolio of marketing, management and sales, she has found her passion for translating financial data into marketable insights to a business. 

Jessica's professional demeanor and engaging personality have consistently opened doors to rewarding opportunities during her travels across Australia. With roots now firmly planted in South-East Queensland, she is eagerly anticipating an exciting and rewarding career in the dynamic world of business brokering and valuation.

Spencer Timboy

Spencer is a highly motivated Business Analyst and Administrator here at Negotia Group. He brings a fresh and optimistic perspective to the table. While Spencer may be our newest member, his positive outlook on life and a keen eye for optimising operational efficiency and strategic planning have already made him an essential part of our team. His dedication to our shared success is evident in his daily contributions and interactions.

He perfectly captures the dynamic spirit of our organization with his inherent optimism and problem-solving abilities.

We frequently see how people are surrounded by uncertain and expensive processes, where the simple outcomes they seek appear to be unnecessarily complex and costly.

At Negotia Group, we study the market, we understand the confusion. We know that getting the exit right takes time. From the initial and obligation-free discussions to framing the engagement program and developing exit strategies, our goal has always been to eliminate risks in doing business with us.

Negotia Group are face-to-face workers – we get on-site and take personal responsibility where others blame “the market” or “invisibility.”

If you feel powerless or concerned about the inevitable trade-off between the often promised but seldom delivered – “Fast, Cheap and Good exit outcome,” come and talk to us. Ask the hard questions and derive your own opinions on who best fits you, your objectives, and needs.

As Professional Business Brokers – we find the detailed work at the beginning leads to less anxiety and a better and more successful outcome at the end.