Negotia Confidentiality Agreement

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    Negotia Group Pty Ltd and its employees undertake that that no contact will be made to any nominated people or entities given on this form without further consultation, and information provided will be used for the Buyer Qualification purposes only.
  • The Business Owner is going to ask about your financial capacity to buy the business. Please assist us by providing that information:



    1. You have expressed an interest in a business in which we represent the Seller(s). You have requested more information to assess whether you want to buy it.

    2. All information we provide you on behalf of the business owner is strictly confidential and is provided to you pursuant to this agreement.

    3. You must also understand that all the information we give you is given to us by the business owner or created from that information. We cannot guarantee that it is accurate, and therefore, it is important that you verify the information yourself in due diligence before you buy the business. Your professional advisors can help you with this. You cannot hold us responsible for any inaccurate information.

    4. Important. Please be aware the business owner will have legal grounds to sue you to recover losses and information, including recovery costs if you:
    a. Use this information for any other purpose whatsoever,
    b. Share this information with anyone else (including family, friends or associates) except for your professional business advisers (namely your accountant, solicitor and financier) after you have advised them on the confidential nature of this information.
    c. Give this information to anyone else without our written permission, and
    d. Approach any person associated with the business, including the owner(s), employees, customers and suppliers and landlord.

    5. When you have finished your assessment of the business, or if we say sooner, you and your professional advisors must return all hard copies of the information we provide and destroy any electronic copies of such information and advise us as you have done so.

    6. This Confidentiality Agreement is in digital form and if signed, digitally or otherwise, by one party and is subsequently signed by the other and returned, this Agreement shall be binding on the parties as if an original and duplicate was signed by the parties.This Agreement is not conditional upon subsequent execution of an original and duplicate by the parties although either party may request the other to execute an original and duplicate Agreement.
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